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  1. JCLaHoot says:

    I should probably explain some of the calculations until they can be done in a way that’s more custom. So far none of the goals have a “you’ve completed the goal today!” concept yet (It would definitely be useful!). They are all pretty distinct at the moment. However, the display will update throughout the day even if your data doesn’t change, because many of the calculations are based on “currentTime – x”

    Sleep functions like a battery: “sleep needed” goes up as your day goes on, and recharges when you sleep. if your goal is to sleep 7 hours a night, assuming you start in the morning fully rested, you can stay awake 17 hours before starting to incur any sleep debt. If your goal is to sleep 8 hours, it will take 2 hours awake for “sleep needed” to go up by an hour.

    Water, walking, coding, and food are on a rolling 2 week average, which is compared to the goal to figure out how you’re doing.

    Weight is based purely on your current state. There’s no time incentive with it yet.

    workouts is the most basic check. at 3 workouts a week if you work out 2x in the last 7 days then you’re at 66% of your goal (which is translated graphically in the main display

    I’d like to standardize this all a bit more…

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