Tracking my Sleep 😴

As promised, here’s some data on how much sleep I need, since Monday Feb. 20.

Instead of editing this post daily, I figured out how to embed charts directly from Google Sheets!

This is the first time I use an iFrame and I don’t like it at all.


Week 1:

I managed to lower my sleep debt throughout the week, a feat that was previously exclusive to weekends. Although I my days felt short and unproductive in the first part of the week (the weather was also abnormally warm, so it was difficult to fall asleep at night), I found myself having plenty of energy on Friday, and on the weekend I didn’t feel like I had to sleep in a ton to catch up on sleep. So far so good!

WeeK 2-3: I forgot to write something here… oops

Final verdict: sleep is good! I feel a lot better and a lot more energized now! Seeing a graph was very helpful though. I’ve stopped logging my sleep in the spreadsheet, and I noticed that my sleep debt started to climb a bit at that point. The data was losing its context because of the way it was displayed in my app, and as a result it was less useful. I made the right choice to work on the stats features next!

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