A Very Serious Blog Post

I’m not going to obsessively refresh the shipping page. I’m going to switch on a Toggl timer.

I’m also not going to run to the post office just as it closes. I’m going to sit down and write about my app or something.

I’m definitely not going to viciously tear open the box… which I swear isn’t in front of me right now. I’m going to tell you about how my sleep challenge is going.

And I’m not going to salivate over Google’s package design, since there is no package design. Nope. I’m telling you about timeboxing, which is now “an evening” instead of 2 hours.

OMG There’s a face in the um… thing you hold in your hand! I mean… Face…Book! Yes that’s it! Facebook has hostile design patterns like read receipts and Happy Birthday reminders that make you forget your friend’s birthdays.

Wow! What are the chances that I’d find a photo on Google of someone who looks exactly like me and who’s holding that thing I wasn’t just talking about in his hand! Amazing! I’m wearing a Lord of the Rings shirt… lets talk about that instead… Hobbit, Gandalf, Orlando Bloom, random SEO tags!

For a piece of tech this is surprisingly… soft. As in software obviously! This is a blog about my journey making software and learning along the way.

I can’t see anything. I mean… the person from the Google images search who looks exactly like me and who I am colloquially referring to as I, can’t see anything. Wall-E was a good movie.

Am I punching a grizzly bear? Is VR pure terror? Was I half asleep when I trimmed my facial hair yesterday?

That beard line is as straight as I am!

I have a confession to make: I wasn’t actually writing a very serious blog post.

See, I ordered the Daydream View a few days ago, because it works with my phone and I wanted to try out mobile VR, but between writing a thing for the internet machine and trying out a new toy… Trying out a new toy will typically win.

Newton’s lesser known Law:

NewToy + ThingsToDo = -Productivity

I’ll be posting a review once I’ve tried it out properly (it takes ages to install VR apps while you’re in VR,) and hopefully I won’t be blind by then!

See you next week! 🙂

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