RIP Blob Emoji 🙃

BREAKING NEWS! Google is getting rid of the blob emoji in Android O and replacing them with monstrosities!

While this may be a polarizing issue for some, I firmly believe that the flat design of the blob emoji is superior to what they will be replaced with in the next Android version. Flat Design, and its offshoot Material Design, have become synonymous with all things Google. Whether it’s the Inbox app, or stock Android itself, the design style is so prevalent that you instinctively know where its from.

It’s recognizable, and a stamp of quality. I’m applying Material Design to my app (which is available for anyone who wants to test it 😉 ) because it makes it look and feel a lot more clean and professional, while still allowing a lot of room for creativity.

The new emoji design is the opposite of recognizable… lets take a closer look.

emoji comparison chart

emoji comparison chart. Source: Emojipedia

I will admit that the police officer in Android 5.0 looks like a slug, but the Android O emoji look like Google is trying to be more like Apple, and failing. They added unnecessary lines, colours, and gradients, which just make the design more complicated for nothing.

I’m a fan of simple, concise design. Take a look at this pillow and wall decal from Montreal’s STM:

stm pillow

STM themed pillow that I really really want to buy.

STM metro station wall decal

Wall decal in the style of Montreal’s metro map.

It’s simple, enduring, and as far as I’m concerned, beautiful. All things that the new Android O emoji are not.

On the positive side though, the weird blob shapes will finally be gone! While I have grown fondly attached to them, I recognize that they are super strange and a sore spot for many Android users. For me, the ideal emoji refresh would involve killing the blobs, but keeping the same flat style that makes them great!

Or better yet: letting users change their emoji sets on their own without having to install sketchy themes or other non-native workarounds.

What do you think? Do you care about how your emoji look? Let me know in the comments, and if you like this blog post, don’t forget to subscribe! 😄


2 thoughts on “RIP Blob Emoji 🙃

  1. PantsStatusZero says:

    This is when I get to sound like an old man. Back in my days we only had 16 emoji, but they were called emoticons. Because god we were still trying to figure out beepers.

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