Something wonderful has begun 🚀

After a few months making puzzles, I’ve officially started working on Compass again! This time however, I decided to do things right and actually plan a bit before I code! 😅

post-its mapping out the inner workings of compass

Mapping out the inner workings of my app.

When I was building the puzzle app, having a clear map🗺 was invaluable. Instead of wasting time questioning my architecture, I was coding it, and checking off boxes in my diagrams as I went along.

I could also show others how my app worked, without diving into the code itself and being like “see this function? It does X… that class lets you talk to Y… what do you mean you don’t understand?! THERE ARE COMMENTS!

the architecture of the Logike app, mapped out with sticky notes

The architecture behind the Logike app

I currently have a love/hate relationship with code architecture. On one hand, I just want to hunker down, learn Typescript, and spit out my gem💎 in the making! On the other, it feels a lot like a game of Risk or Ticket to Ride, and I love a good strategy game.

By mapping out your project, you can be very strategic about the code you write and avoid going back and changing the same lines every couple weeks. Obviously no path is perfect, but it feels really cool to be able to make and educated guess about which one is best, something I definitely wasn’t able to do a year ago! 🎉

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