Monday progress

Finally, some progress!

Today I spent some time on steel! 🏗 First off, I made a mini-moodboard to set the tone of what I’m going for.

Next, I started drawing rectangles, then adding shadows/highlights using gradients and masks, and eventually making the different parts into components. Usually when I design something I also end up creating a bunch of discarded ideas and dead-ends in my wake, but today was fairly straightforward.

I made a quick diagram to show the relationships between the different components I made in Figma. This might seem overly complicated, but if I want to change the shape of the bolts and/or make some new plates with more or less bolts, it would be easy. It’s also closer to how I’ll be writing my CSS.

I’m pretty proud of the end result! I might add some very subtle textures for realism, but It’ll really depend on how prominent I end up making steel in my final layout.

Side note: STOP WHINING, WordPress! 😫 PNGs weren’t born yesterday 🙄

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