Week 3

It’s already round 3 of working 4 days a week! 🙌

Once again, it’s been a big week with lots of RealLifeStuff™️, and that really put the new schedule to the test! I had a training session with my coach Wednesday morning, a date on Wednesday evening with a really cute guy, and I was out of the city for the weekend for a funeral. Definitely a full week, with a big range of emotions!

I had some trouble working the full 37.5 hours, but I didn’t really find that surprising with everything going on. I would have taken the Friday off anyway even if I hadn’t been trying this new schedule, just because it was such a big week. I’d also worked more the week before, so it balanced itself out. ⚖️

Sleep wasn’t the greatest, but again unsurprising given how my week went. What I did find surprising was that I still managed to have a productive work week through it all! 💪

I started to notice a few patterns as well. I seem to have the best focus and energy from roughly 11AM to 2PM, and from 4PM to 7PM. I don’t know if this has to do with the natural cortisol rhythm, or lack of meetings, but there’s definitely a difference. Mondays and Tuesdays also seem to be lower-energy than the rest of my week for some reason.

So far I’m happy with the new schedule, and I’ll be back with another update next week! 👋

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