Meet Compass

Human working memory, our capacity to process different pieces of information at the same time, is generally accepted to be capped at around 4 to 7 things. That’s not a whole lot. Add a cocktail of cognitive biases to the mix, and suddenly we aren’t very good at seeing the big picture.

Compass is a life-logging app that helps you maintain balance in your life. It shows you what you need to work on the most right now, with a single glance, and it does this by gathering data and comparing it to the goals that you set in advance.


When things are going well in an area of your life, the circular symbol representing it moves closer to the centre of the screen, becomes greener, and also a bit smaller. If thing aren’t going so well, the symbol moves towards the edges, becomes redder, and also a bit bigger. If you press on one of these symbols, a popup will appear and let you add your data. The position of the symbols in Compass are affected by your data and your goals, which can be changed in the Edit Goals panel.


Want to try out Compass for yourself?

It’s still being developed, so there will be some changes along the way (and the occasional bug), but you can definitely start using it now! 😉


What I’m working on now:

Stats and graphs! The stats part of the app was kind of lacking, as it only showed one stat for each data point based on the current time. You couldn’t really establish any trends, so I started making some graphs to show all of the data at once! They’re accessible in the app right now, through the “More Options” menu represented by the  ⋮  symbol.

There’s also a timeline view that’s really rough looking at the moment, but the idea is to be able to show a timeline with all of the data you’ve entered.


What I have planned:

  • Custom Goals
  • Data Points with no goals attached
  • Automatic Data Tracking (wherever possible)
  • Data export feature
  • Notifications
  • Material Design across all app screens
  • Correlations between data
  • An iOS version
  • and many more things!


Timeline of my progress:

September 4

Sticking with Java

I decided to stick with Java for this build since most of the documentation for Android is targeted towards Java. Will probably reconsider when I’m stronger in Java.
August 13

Learning Kotlin

Started learning Kotlin in preparation for re-coding the app from the ground up.
August 13

Started Tracking

I started using this timeline to be able to visualize my progress developing my app.
January 31

Started Learning Android Development

Coding? How hard can it be?! 😀
August 8

First Prototype

The first prototype was created using Google Spreadsheets, and a ton of IFTTT integrations. It actually had some pretty advanced features like GPS triggered events and Data Points that could interact with eachother.
December 13

Idea Time!

This is when I first got the idea for Compass!