How am I doing? 🤔
How am I doing? 🤔

How am I doing? 🤔

Published on May 7, 2017
Hey there,
Last week I wrote a blog post asking how you’re doing, so this week I’m throwing the question right back at myself!
I’ll be completely honest though, I passionately avoided thinking about the topic all week.
It’s not that I didn’t think there would be anything there, but rather quite the opposite and I didn’t feel like dealing with any of it right away.
But… If not now, when?
😑  Ugh.
Personally, I’m doing pretty good 😊  I could use a bit more sleep, but other than that I pretty much have my shit together.
As for my projects, that’s a different story altogether!
Though I have made really good progress with my app given the amount of time I spend programming (I track it all using Toggl), I feel like the project as a whole isn’t very well rounded.
I would love to have more people testing it, since its a great source of feedback and motivates me to release more updates, more often.
I’d also love to have some help building it, because working as a team is way more effective, and I can’t do everything (gasp! 😱 ).
What have I been doing to achieve those goals, you may ask?
Nothing! 😁
Ok, that’s not quite accurate. I did make that one blog post a few months ago, with links to a form where people could sign up to download my app. And I have made numerous posts here referencing said app, naïvely assuming that some of the people who visit the blog each month might backtrack through several months of content and find the aforementioned sign-up post.
With so much outreach, how is it possible that I’m not seeing any results?! 😂
So what am I going to do about it?
As far as getting more people to test my app is concerned, there’s a few things I can do to easily improve things:
  • Making a page on this blog with current screenshots and planned updates, that I can refer to without worrying about whether its up to date or not.
  • Adding a sign-up form to be notified when the iOS version comes out. It’s not out yet and won’t be for a while, but at least I’ll know if there’s interest, and it will make things much easier when I actually do launch an iOS version.
  • Following up more aggressively. People aren’t going to chase after me for an app that’s in its early stages, unless they genuinely feel like its going to change their life. I think it can live up to that expectation with a few key updates, but it still has a little ways to go before its at the level of the competition.
  • Exploring the quantified self communities. An obvious place to look.
Getting help with my app is a little trickier. Essentially, I’m looking for a co-founder, or at least people who believe enough in the project to contribute to it for a good while, but I’m not yet in a position where I can pay people. I’m working full time, and doing this on my days off because I’m passionate about it, and at least at first anyone who comes onboard would need to be in a similar situation.
For something like this it’s also important to team up with people who share your vision, or at least have one that aligns with it. My goal isn’t to be a Silicon Valley startup bro who sells out my company the minute I see dollar signs. I genuinely don’t care about the money as long as there’s enough for me to survive and not live in a hole. I intend to do everything in my power to have my vision come to life.
That being said, I need to get out more. There are definitely people who are on the same wavelength, it’s just a matter of finding them. A good place for me to start is the Montreal startup scene, but who knows, the right person or people might be completely disconnected from the tech world. If an app idea can drive me to learn to code, and fast, then why shouldn’t the same be true for someone else? Maybe that person’s you. 😉
Alright, time to get back to coding…