Published on November 19, 2020
The initial goal with the blog reboot was to make an average of 1 post a day, for the first 2 weeks, and adjust the rhythm afterwards. This was supposed to be an input goal, meaning that the end result isn’t what’s important.
A blog post, at least in a daily format, is not a very good input goal. It’s an iceberg; you don’t know exactly how big it’s going to be until you start writing, and the things I’m writing about are also icebergs. As a result, some posts took well over 4 hours, which anyone working full-time can’t sustain daily without cutting corners somewhere.
And that somewhere has been sleep.
Uh oh. 😳
I didn’t move any of my personal projects forward today, and that’s ok. It would be disingenuous to paint a rosy picture where every day is perfect, and I don’t think that kind of content helps anyone. Anyway, off to bed! 😴