lil’ update
lil’ update

lil’ update

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Published on May 30, 2021
I haven’t been the greatest at keeping the blog up, but I wanted to give a bit of an update of where things are at!
So, last time I posted here (5 months ago! 😳) , I was working on fixing my issues around sleep. They aren’t completely fixed, but I’ve made significant strides, and I’ve definitely improved that area of my life! 🙌The biggest thing for me was taking my phone out of the bedroom on weeknights, and also trying to be as consistent as possible with my sleep times. I’d resisted for a long time, telling myself that I have the willpower to not let having my phone in the bedroom affect my behaviour, but that just isn’t true (or at least it wasn’t at first).
Bedtime routines aren’t purely a question of force of will. We head to bed when we’re at our sleepiest, and when we wake up it takes time to become fully alert. The choices that we make in those moments are mostly dictated by habit, and sometimes breaking/making habits under those conditions is no trivial task. The difference it’s made in my life, having more quality time in my day, is huge!
Next order of business is project related. I’m redesigning my design system name generator so that it looks and feels a lot more polished than the original version. It’s a cool project as is and it’s functional, but it doesn’t represent where I’m at design-wise.
Here’s a sneak-peak of some of the very-much-in-progress design:
notion image
It’s obviously not done, but I’m happy with how the aesthetic is coming along! I was hoping for a mid-June release, but I needed a break and now July looks more likely.
Finally, I’m starting something called the Spotlight Series, a 3 month accountability program put together by Michelle Akin. The goal of the program is to focus on building an audience online, getting clarity on what you want to be known for, and overcoming the things that are getting in the way of sharing with the masses.
You’ll be seeing more activity, either here on Twitter, as a direct result of that! 😄Anyway, that’s it for today! 👋