Week 2
Week 2

Week 2

Published on September 28, 2021
It’s week 2 of trying out the 4 day work week! And what a week it has been!
Sleep was definitely not my forte. We had the most pointless election ever, I had a dinner with a friend mid-week (which was great but ran late), and just generally I felt like I needed more time to relax in the evenings, so it was difficult to get the rest I needed and start my days when I had planned to. The changing temperature also hasn’t been helping.
I’ve been snoozing my alarms a bit more in the morning too, but I realized that was because the default alarms on the iPhone are just awful. Like… Why would anyone want to be woken up by a full-blast jarring sound and not something more gradual, I asked myself. Well turns out there are better alarms, but they’re hidden in the bedtime settings (with no indication that all the better alarm sounds live there 😑). Gradual alarms have been standard on Android for a while. Anyway, I’m going to try that and hopefully it’ll help with morning sleep habits.
Despite sleep stuff, I was pretty productive and motivated. The week started a bit slow, with quite a few meetings, but Wednesday and Thursday were 🔥 and more than made up for it! Surprisingly, the days don’t feel that much longer. I have a feeling it’s related to when my energy peaks throughout the day, but I’m going to pay closer attention to that next week.
As for the weekend, it went really well! I had two really good workouts, did some chores, got a haircut, spent some time in cafés working on an interior design project, and even had a date on Sunday! All of this wouldn’t have fit in a typical 2 day weekend, so this week was definitely a win for me 🙌
So far so good for the 4 day work week! I’m going to keep documenting for a little while, so check back in if you’re interested in this gripping saga 😉 (I’m thinking weekly for 4-5 weeks, and then maybe monthly?).
🍬Bonus thought: Why do so many of us wake up to alarms? It seems pretty shitty of society to normalize rest being forcibly interrupted. I kind of had a 💡moment this week and realized that I’d like to get to a point where I don’t need alarms in the morning. This will probably take time, but a seed has been sowed 🌱